About Deco Sealers

Welcome to our website. We manufacture 100% water based dampproof and waterproofing materials. Deco Products has been in the construction & restoration industry for over 23 years providing high quality professional products. Our customers say we have some of the easiest products to apply which saves a great deal of time especially with tight scheduling deadlines and weather issues. We sincerely appreciate our customers repeat business and hope to earn your business.

Deco is your best dry option!

Seamless, no taping, cutting, nailing with sheet products. Easy spray on liquid materials with no or little odor. Product ready no mixing or adding required. Engineered for strong adhesion and protection. Safe to apply and quick clean up makes life easy for anyone to apply our products. Buy today and stay dry tomorrow!

DECO Prevents:

Damp Basement Walls, Floor Pads and Crawl Spaces

Porous Chimneys, Stucco & Masonry Moisture Intrusion

Water entering New Foundation Walls


Tar Based Systems only provide below grade protection leaving the top of the wall unprotected. Mulch or other landscaping traps this moisture along the wall and freeze/thaw seasons create concrete cracks. Unfortunately cracks get larger and so do the problems. All DECO Foundation Products can be applied both Above & Below grade.

DECO = Complete Wall Protection