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  • Easy spray on penetrating sealers with zero or low VOC's
  • Only one coat required = less material costs and labor savings.
  • Buy today and stay dry tomorrow.

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DECO 20 Clear Penetrating Concrete Sealer 5 gal. (Shipping Incl.) Dampproofing, Waterproofing, Foundation Coating, Clear Sealer, Concrete Sealer, Crawl Space, Frost Line, Damp Basements, Moisture Barrier, Vapor Barrier, Efflorescence
Price: $179.00
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Item #: D205 -

DECO 20 Clear Penetrating SealerOur signature product created in 1991, the Deco brand has grown to become a residential dampproof leader in new construction and home improvement. Two million applications and growing.A special formulated clear penetrating sealer that produces a highly effective breathable moisture barrier, by reducing water vapor transmission. More D-r-y-l-o-k and TAR users are learning more about Deco 20 because of it's higher coverage rate, doesn't pop/flake off and easier to...

Deco 30 Brick & Stucco Masonry Sealer 5 gal. (Shipping Incl.) Stucco Sealers, clear sealer, deco sealers, environmental, waterproofing
Price: $165.00
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Item #: D305 -

Deco 30 is designed for colored porous masonry applications. This water based product is an easy spray on clear, colorless, odorless sealer to protect colored masonry.

Silicast - Beauty Enhancement Sealer 5gal. (Shipping Incl.) Clear Sealer, Penetrating Sealer, Beauty Enhancement Sealer, Water Based Sealer
Price: $259.00
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Item #: SC05 -

SilaCast Beauty Enhancing Sealer is the first biodegradable paver sealer to take the country by storm!!! While other products leave a shiny gloss on the surface SilaCast actually penetrates deep in the pores of the pavers enhancing the color and leaving your pavers beautifully wet looking.Extremely low VOC alkyd latex emulsion that creates a wet look appearance and revitalizes the color of interior and exterior porous surfaces such as concrete pavers and tiles, natural and artificial stone and...

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