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    TMC 2000 – Prevents Cold Drafts & Energy Loss

    Deco TMC 2000 (Total Moisture Control) is a water based elastomeric membrane designed to prevent air and moisture intrusion while remaining permeable or breathable. TMC 2000 is seamless and unaffected by UV rays.

    A higher quality solution vs. paper wrap.


    • Seamless Application ( No nails or staples )
    • Easy To Apply
    • Cost Effective
    • UV Resistant
    • Environmentally Friendly
    • Non-Toxic & Non-Hazardous


    • OSB Board
    • Plywood

    A fluid applied alternative to common house wrap materials on new & existing construction. TMC can be used for both commercial and residential applications.

    TMC 2000 provides a flexible infiltration barrier against air and moisture. It eliminates the penetrations that building paper and house wrap installation require. TMC 2000 is 100% tight against the surface with NO SEAMS. Therefore it prevents moisture from forming on the sheathing. TMC 2000 air barrier system forms a seamless coating from the exterior into window and door openings.

    TMC is not affected by ultraviolet rays and contains no aromatic hydrocarbon solvents or aliphatic petroleum naphthas.

    TMC 2000 Characteristics:

    • Water based acrylic resin, smooth, opaque, Green viscous liquid
    • Odor of a latex waterborne system
    • Non-Hazardous, Non-Toxic, Non-Carinogenic/Cancerous
    • Prolonged contact may cause irritation
    • No solvents, UV resistant, Paintable, Breathable


    • ASTM C 836 - Adhesion strength
    • ASTM 836, Sec. 6.7- Low temperature flexibility
    • ASTM E 154 - Resistance to decay
    • ASTM D 3273-94 - Resistance to mold growth
    • ASTM D 2939 - Resistance to water action
    • ASTM 836, Sec. 6.9 - Vertical adhesion during application, ability to remain in place
    • ASTM C 836 - UV Fastness
    • ASTM C 1306 - Resistance to water under pressure
    • ASTM E 96 - Water vapor transmission, permeance

    Coverage Rate

    USB Board or Plywood : 100 sq.ft. / gal.

    5 GAL. PAIL = 500 sq. ft. coverage

    (Dependent on temperature & equipment used)


    • 5 gal. & 55 gal.
    • Green

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