About Deco Sealers

Deco Sealers would like to personally welcome you to our website. We have been selling and supporting our Deco materials since 1991. Our mission is to market to our retail distributors and strategic partners while servicing all end users including applicators, builders, contractors and DIY. Our pricing is designed for end users to go directly to our retail distributors for pickup ready materials. We've updated our website to include e-commerce for end users that do not have a Deco distributor in their area.  

Our waterproof and dampproofing products are contractor grade manufactured with high quality resins and polymers. This means excellent viscosity consistency, ease of use and much longer results compared to tar or big box store products. Our foundation wall products are all tested by ICC-ES allowing building code approval for all U.S. States. We are proud to have a superior line of penetrating sealers to meet the demands of the Power Washing Industry and Residential/Commercial owners who want to add value and protection to their properties. All of our products are water based, eco-friendly and safe for you to use. There are many products out there that are solvent based, cancerous, requiring respirators, etc. Be Careful! We thank all of our customers for their business and we love to see the before and after pics of their applications. We hope to earn your business if you're a new customer. If you have any product questions or want a better idea of how much material you need for your application give us a call. We are ALL meant for GREAT THINGS!! Enjoy Today!

Mark Haines is the owner of Deco Sealers and his responsibilities include establishing retail distribution channels, working with foundation wall related firms, power washing companies, architects and builders, concrete and masonry contractors, DIY or homeowners, developing partnerships and overseeing all business operations. Mark’s business experience includes selling medical software, conveyor/material handling systems and computer programming consulting. Mark graduated from Millersville University in December, 1988. Interests include lap swimming, golf, fishing, hunting, taking walks with his Jr. High sweetheart now 30 years married, spending time with his 3 adult children and 3 German Shorthair Pointers. 

Mission Statement:

  • Provide high quality products that are easy and safe for anyone to apply.
  • Price our products fairly to achieve repeat business and gain market share.
  • Sell to our retail distributors and partners first, end users outside distribution areas while providing superior customer service to all!!