• Deco BIO Blacktop - 5 gal. (Shipping Incl.) - DBB-05
  • Deco BIO Blacktop - 5 gal. (Shipping Incl.) - DBB-05
  • Deco BIO Blacktop - 5 gal. (Shipping Incl.) - DBB-05
  • Deco BIO Blacktop - 5 gal. (Shipping Incl.) - DBB-05
  • Deco BIO Blacktop - 5 gal. (Shipping Incl.) - DBB-05
  • Deco BIO Blacktop - 5 gal. (Shipping Incl.) - DBB-05
  • Deco BIO Blacktop - 5 gal. (Shipping Incl.) - DBB-05
  • Deco BIO Blacktop - 5 gal. (Shipping Incl.) - DBB-05
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    Deco BIO Blacktop is a high quality polymer sealcoat that will not crack. A blend of natural oils Bio Blacktop will help condition and seal old asphalt. Bio Blacktop is a water based product that is UV resistant therefore it remain darker longer. Our high end resins provide strong adhesion and is chemically resistant to gasoline, motor fluids and hot tire pickup. Bottom Line - this product is designed for the DIY homeowner or high quality contractor who wants an environmentally friendly maintenance free product.

    Residential Driveways * Commercial Parking Lots * Blacktop driveways, paths, roads, etc!!

    Repair all structural deficiencies such as cracks, low areas of water puddling, holes, bad degradation of existing driveway, potholes before applying Bio Blacktop. Bio Blacktop is not a filler therefore it will not level or fill in cracks, holes, etc.

    Apply Deco Bio Blacktop sealer with a sqeegee, 3/4"-1" thick nap roller that's 18" wide or heavy duty airless sprayer. The sprayer needs to spray more than 1 gal. per minute. Do not apply over 1000 psi. Look up the specs before renting a sprayer. A sprayer tip size of .531 or .631 works best. Apply until fully saturated. Do not interrupt application process until area is completely treated. If you stop for several hours or longer and then begin application process you may see a difference or a seam line.

    Apply heavily or fully saturate the driveway until it doesn't want anymore Bio Blacktop. It's a self leveling product which means it will seep or soak into the new or existing driveway. COVERAGE RATE will vary because of existing applications of driveway sealers, age and condition of driveway. Estimate between 60-100 sf/gal. coverage rate or up to 500 sq.ft. per bucket.

    Wait 24-36 hrs before driving vehicle onto surface.

    Note: We prefer the 18" extra wide roller with a nap thickness of 3/4"-1" on smaller to mid size projects.

    Deco Bio Blacktop is safe, non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable. It's a water based product with several natural oils and polymers which hold or provide fullness. It is not a solvent based product or a bi-product of oil like many sealcoats. All resins are from natural oils including soybean. Does not cause harm to skin contact. Do not consume or drink product. Any eye contact wash with soap and warm water immediately.

    Product smells sweet and it's from our soybean oils. It's a desirable smell that is unique. You may experience some slippyness after periods of rain on Bio Blacktop. The repellency of rain is that excellent it may make the surface slippy. USE CAUTION WHEN WALKING ON DECO BIO BLACKTOP.

    Remove all mold, dirt, stones, etc. before applying. Apply at temperatures above 40 degrees. Do not apply Bio Blacktop with the threat of rain on the same day of application. Do not apply on concrete, painted or glazed surfaces other than blacktop driveways. Always perform a small test to ensure desired results. When in doubt always call your distributor or local DecoSealers.com representative. Do not let product freeze, store indoors above 32 degrees.

    Cleans up with soap and warm water.

    Coverage rates vary depending on age, condition, previous coatings applied, etc.

    All coverage rates below are based on one coat application:

    1. Smooth surfaces w/ no cracking: 500-750 sq.ft per 5 gal. bucket

    2. Rough or worn surfaces: 250-400 sq.ft per 5 gal. bucket

    PACKAGING - 5gal. or 55 gal. , special order 275 gal. totes

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    Finally, since we had some good weather this week, I had a chance to apply the deco blacktop sealant to my driveway. I actually thought I applied it well enough with one coat, but after it started to dry I needed to apply a second. I had just enough (7 gallons per 1,000sq ft.) It probably would have been easier with a sprayer, but I got the job done. About 5 hours. It actually looks much better than the coal tar coating I previously had done. I sure hope that it keeps its color and lasts a long time. Pictures are attached. Feel free to use them however you'd like.

    Mike Zeek

    (Thanks Mike - Your pics are included showing the driveway into the garage w/ a before and after picture. It looks awesome!!)

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