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    Deco Dampproof - Earth Friendly Every Time

    DD5 our 5 gal. Deco Dampproof coating is a water based acrylic designed to protect foundation walls and other concrete applications from moisture penetration.

    • ICC classified as a dampproof material above and below grade
    • Tested by SGS U.S. Testing Co. Inc.
    • UV resistant, high quality product, no solvents or black stuff
    • Liquid applied by roller or airless sprayer – easy to apply
    • Seamless, no cutting, taping or nail guns as w/ sheet membrane products
    • 0% VOC's, paintable, dries gray, no odor
    • Easy to apply and meets all STATES building codes :)
    • No mixing or trowel on, product ready, easy cleanup
    • Easy to spray or roll on and an excellent alternative to tar which is limited to grade line issues unless a protection board is applied. You do not need a protection board with DD55.

    Deco SEAL Applications

    Foundation Walls:

    • Parged & Non-Parged Block, Precast, Poured Concrete, ICF & Styrofoam Walls.


    • Remove all dirt, dust, oils, foreign material which is to be coated.
    • Fill or repair any cracks, honeycomb, wall ties, holes, etc. with Deco Tie Patch or concrete repair caulk/patch.
    • New Construction - Surface must be dry to allow for proper adhesion. Can be applied on green concrete. The American Concrete institute (ACI) defines green concrete that has set but not appreciably hardened.
    • Use 2000+ PSI airless sprayer such as Graco 7900 Airless Sprayer for best results.
    • Apply at 32-95 degrees otherwise cold or evaporation will affect curing dry time and coverage rate
    • Do not apply with the threat of imminent rain. Perform test to insure desired results.
    • Dry cure rate is 12 hours. Dependent on temperature, airflow, humidity.

    Deco Dampproof - Technical Information

    ICC (International Code Council) Classification:

    • An evaluated and approved dampproof material above and below grade

    Deco Seal Characteristics:

    • Water based acrylic resin, smooth, opaque, Gray viscous liquid
    • Odor of a latex waterborne system
    • Non-Hazardous, Non-Toxic, Non-Carinogenic/Cancerous
    • Prolonged contact may cause irritation
    • No Solvents, UV resistant therefore applicable below grade and above grade

    DECO 20 Dampproof meets or exceeds the following ASTMs:

    • ASTM D 2939, Resistance To Water. Rating Number 1- No-Softing - no loss of Adhesion, or reemulsification

    • ASTM D 2939, (Section 16) “Flexibility” Rating Number 1 - No cracks hairline or otherwise, no loss of Adhesion

    • ASTM D 6489, “Water Absorption”
ASTM C 836, Film Thickness On Vertical Surface.

    • ASTM D 2665, Color Fastness Of Surface Coating - UV Resistance

    • ASTM D 3273-9, Resistance to Mold Growth Of Surface Coating
ASTM D 1227 Type III Class 1 - Suitable for use as a protective coating for built-up roofs and other exposed surfaces with specified inclines

    Reports (PDF's):

    1. Data Sheet - General Overview
    2. ICC Report
    3. MSDS Report

    Coverage Rate - 100 sq.ft/gal

    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:
    Kernsville, NC

    Basement Wall & Window Area

    I had a basement window blocked up and wanted to seal the outside, before back filling with dirt. I found your product and it looks like just the right stuff. (Before Ordering)

    1. I very much liked the product it was easy to work with and sealed the area I was having issue with. We put it to the real test when Hurricane Florence and Michael came through our area. NO LEAKS!

    2. Ease of application is what I liked most aboutt the product.

    3. I rate you all a 5 out of 5 Excellent product and Excellent customer service.

    Thank you,

    Chris Crews...

    Pittsburgh, PA

    Frost Line Block

    Delivery was quick, application guide was very helpful, this rolled on nice over our cmu block 3 courses below grade.

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