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    Deco Salt Shield - Save your concrete!

    • A non-hazardous, safe penetrating clear sealer that's non-slippery.
    • Dries clear, non-film forming. A formulated silane/siloxane product that battles de-icers and salts.
    • Protects against salts and deicing entering beneath surface causing rebar and spalling damage.
    • Apply one flood coat on a clean dry surface. 
    • Do not apply with threat of imminent rain. Water Based.

    Apply SALT SHIELD during spring/summer to prevent cracking and spalling.

    DECO Salt Shield Applications

    Concrete and precast flatwork such as sidewalks, steps, patios, driveways, door entrances, floor pads such as basement and garage pads.

    Public areas where salts/deicers are applied heavily such as businesses, churches, hospitals, retail stores, schools, universities, etc. Coastal, Marine or SeaShore areas as well. Very cold weather locations with freezing temps being common from Nov-Mar.


    • Apply directly to a clean and dry surface. Always perform a small test to ensure desired results.
    • If a previous sealer(s) has been applied it's best to power wash and remove existing sealers.
    • Pour Salt Shield into any sprayer (hand pump, airless, etc.) and apply directly onto concrete surface.

    • Apply one moderate/heavy coat and let product self level into concrete. Apply on clean, dry concrete.

    • Non-Slippery, Non-Flammable, Non-Caustic. No sheen, No Gloss.
    • Use a drop cloth on black asphalt surfaces. It will turn the asphalt white otherwise. Safe on grass.
    • Use proper safety glasses when spraying. Do not spray on windy day or threat of rain day within 4 hrs.
    • Dries in 1-3 hours dependent on temperature, humidity. Dries clear, no wet look.

    Environmental Friendly

    Non-hazardous, Non-Toxic, Non-flammable

    A silane/siloxane formulation.

    Clear penetrating sealer - dries clear, non-slippery, no sheen

    Very low odor!

    Coverage Rate

    • 175-200 sq.ft/gal. (1 coat) Concrete

    Coverage Rate based on roughness/smoothness of surface, porosity, temperature, humidity.

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