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    StripaCast is an environmentally non-hazardous stripper designed to remove old coatings from concrete pavers, stamped concrete, masonry surfaces. Contractor grade. Easy spray on. Smells like lemon pledge. Superior job removing acrylic, urethane or film forming coatings/sealers.

    • Spray on w/ garden, hand pump or airless sprayer, 1 coat application. Do not let Stripcast dry, keep wet
    • Wait 45-60 minutes if you need to apply a second coat to prevent drying or place tarp over application.
    • Powerwash - The stripper will remove like dead skin or a white film. Can be slippy when removing existing sealer.
    • StripaCast smells like a strong lemon pledge. Wear glasses or safety googles.
    • Non-Hazardous will not harm grass, shrubbery, etc.

    Coverage Rate: Approx. 1000-1200 sq.ft per 5 gal. bucket

    StripaCast Applications

    1. Pavers, Stamped Concrete, Masonry, Stone, Veneers, etc.
    2. Any substrate that has existing coatings or sealers on surface. All acrylic sealers after several coats need to be removed.
    3. Driveways, patios, pool areas, walk ways, porches, etc.


    • Always perform a small test before tackling your entire project. This will ensure desired results. Spray in a 2'x2' area wait 30-45 min. before power washing.
    • Apply when temperatures are between 55-90. The warmer the better.
    • Do not apply with the threat of imminent rain.
    • Pour StripaCast into any sprayer (hand pump, garden, chapin or airless) and then apply a flood coat on the surface.
    • Wait approx. 45 minutes. This is dependent on how many previous sealers/coatings were applied on your application. Silacast will become difficult to powerwash off the surface if you don't wait long enough. You should begin to see a white film appear before powerwashing.
    • Powerwash and spray each block, brick, stone, joints, etc. It will look like skin or a white film peeling off the surface.
    • Non-Flammable, Non-Caustic. Smells like a strong lemon pledge. Safe on shrubbery, grass.
    • Use proper safety glasses when spraying. Do not spray on windy day.

    Coverage Rate

    1 gallon = 200 sq.ft (based on smoothness/roughness of surface)

    * Do not let Stripacast dry. It must stay continuously wet to soften existing coating your removing. Place a tarp over Stripacast to prevent drying out for 45-60 min. Then pressure wash.

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