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    Deco Tac is a waterborne primer/adhesive designed to promote extra bonding of Deco Foundation Products to substrates such as concrete walls when you are unable to strip the previous coating completely off. Previous coatings such as Tar is common. 

    1. Existing exterior block or poured foundation walls that need excavated and need a new foundation coating.
    2. Clean tar and dirt off walls, apply Deco 20 clear let dry, apply Deco Tac and wait approx. 30-45 min., then apply Deco Seal let dry. Apply second coat of Deco Seal let dry. Optional to put protection or drain board over our Deco Seal. Otherwise backfill foundation.
    3. DECO TAC is an application for steel, wood, concrete, masonry surfaces that is difficult to clean 100%. After surface cleaning, apply Deco Tac wait 30-45 minutes then apply desired sealer or membrane.
    4. Interior/Exterior


    1. VOC Compliant, very low odor
    2. A proprietary blend of environmental safe acrylic resins
    3. Non Toxic, Non-Flammable, Water Based
    4. Water based

    Coverage Rate:

    • 1 gallon will cover approx. 200 sq.ft
    • Roller or brush apply
    • Requires only one application - not necessary to apply second coat
    • Tax will appear milky white during application and will in 30-45 minutes will turn transparent/clear when ready to use.


    • 1 gallon

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