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    Deco Tie Patch seals poured concrete wall ties below and above grade from the potential risk of water or moisture intrusion.

    1. Foundation wall ties that are removed or "snapped" off to meet the ICC requirements stating: "any holes or recesses resulting from the removal of form ties shall be sealed with a bituminous material or other approved materials.
    2. Honeycombing or concrete cavities/spaces when forms are taken off wall. 
    3. Concrete block, driveways or other applications where holes or cracks large enough to spackle our Tie Patch.


    1. Tested and Approved by SGS U.S. Testing Company
    2. A proprietary blend of environmental safe acrylic resins including anti fungal ingredients to prevent mold and rust inhibitors to prevent wall ties rusting.
    3. Non Toxic, Non-Flammable, Water Based
    4. Standard color is gray

    Coverage Rate:

    • 1 gallon of Tie Patch will complete more than 1 foundation project
    • Use spackle knive to apply a small amount of patch into each cavity or hole
    • Requires only one application - not necessary to apply second coat
    • Recommend to apply patch on wall first then apply Deco 20, Seal or Dampproof. You can apply Deco foundation materials over wet/damp patch.


    • 1 gallon


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