• Silacast - Beauty Enhancer 1gal. (Shipping Incl.)  - SC01
  • Silacast - Beauty Enhancer 1gal. (Shipping Incl.)  - SC01
  • Silacast - Beauty Enhancer 1gal. (Shipping Incl.)  - SC01
  • Silacast - Beauty Enhancer 1gal. (Shipping Incl.)  - SC01
  • Silacast - Beauty Enhancer 1gal. (Shipping Incl.)  - SC01
  • Silacast - Beauty Enhancer 1gal. (Shipping Incl.)  - SC01
  • Silacast - Beauty Enhancer 1gal. (Shipping Incl.)  - SC01
  • Silacast - Beauty Enhancer 1gal. (Shipping Incl.)  - SC01
  • Silacast - Beauty Enhancer 1gal. (Shipping Incl.)  - SC01

Deco Silacast a beauty enhancer for porous masonry pavers.

When looking for Beauty Enhancers - The 3 Most Important Questions Are:

  • Is the product hazardous?
  • Is it a film forming product?
  • Is the sealer an Acrylic?

If you answered NO to all the questions above then SilaCast is your product!!

  • Water Based - No Solvents - No Odor - Safe - UV Resistant
  • Full-body look - Provides beautiful depth - No glossy plastic look
  • *SilaCast is an Alkyd Penetrating Sealer - Longer lasting results beneath surface - UV can't attack it.
  • *Acrylic Sealers are film forming - They provide a low/high gloss that typically lasts 6-8 months
  • Non-Hazardous - USDA Approved 65%
  • LOW VOC Content (Water, Soybean, Natural Oils)
  • Resistant to Mildew Growth
  • Long-term resistance to water blushing
Price: $74.00

    SilaCast Beauty Enhancing Sealer is the first non-slip, biodegradable sealer to take the country by storm!!!

    While other products leave a matte, low or high gloss on the surface SilaCast actually penetrates deep in the pores of the pavers enhancing the color and leaving your pavers beautifully new looking. Our two part resin formulation allows smaller resins to penetrate deeper giving a longer lasting result. Our larger resins remain near the surface pulling out colors from your masonry giving a new look that "pops" the colors and creates depth.

    Extremely low VOC alkyd latex emulsion that creates a new look appearance and revitalizes the color of interior and exterior porous surfaces such as brick pavers, concrete pavers and surfaces that are porous and colorful. Desired applications include patios, pool decks, walk ways, driveways, horizontal surfaces.

    Note: For stamped concrete applications we recommend Travacast coming in August 2018.

    Silacast can be used on stamped concrete but conditions have to be perfect. The surface must not have any previous sealers/coatings. A stripper such as StripaCast is recommended. We suggest you call us to discuss Silacast on stamped concrete.


    Let us help you RENEW your property and get that wow factor look :)


    Pavers, masonry brick, colored split face block, colored concrete, clay tiles. Any surfaces that are porous and non-glazed. A test is a must before full application.

    Silicast enhances the dull color of sun worn pavers, older masonry or decorative concrete applications. When applied it's a milky white appearance. Dries clear when penetrating into substrate. 1 or 2 coat application is sufficient depending on porosity of substrate.



    This test also includes applying to a joint area. Test applications should be applied in the same manner as full application.Apply Silicast without dilution to porous concrete, tile, masonry, unglazed tile, natural or artificial stone, clay roof tiles, brick surfaces with a low pressure pneumatic canister or garden type pump sprayer. Use a fine mist setting and apply to substrate until wet, avoiding drips and runs. Product can be re-applied within 2hrs. Allow a minimum of 24 hrs before walking on and 48 hrs before driving on.

    Preparation includes repairing all cracked and damaged grout lines, clean surface with hose wash or power wash removing all loose dirt, oils, etc. DECO STRIP-A-CAST is a great cleaner or stripper to remove previous sealers. Most strippers will not remove hard to get off sealers. We are confident Strip-A-Cast will be your cleaner, degreaser or stripper of choice in the future. Allow plenty of time to dry to prevent trapping moisture behind coating (Water Blushing) and reducing Silicasts effectiveness.

    Product Benefits:

    Chemical and Hot Tire Resistance, Excellent Adhesion, Water Blushing Resistant, UV Protected

    Coating Performance:

    Chemical Resistance on Cementitious Backer Board 24 Hr. spot test / 48 Hr. recovery:

    • Gasoline - No Effect
    • Engine Oil - Slightly Darkened
    • Transmission Fluids - Slightly Darkened
    • Sodium Hydroxide - No Effect
    • Ethanol - No Effect
    • Brake Fluid - No Effect
    • Antifreeze - Very Slightly Darkened
    • Bleach - No Effect
    • Salt Water / 5% Solution - No Effect

    NOTE: Silicast performance is comparable to commercially available solvent borne wet look sealers. Solvent sealers have high fumes, cause headaches, irritation to eyes, and are HAZARDOUS.

    Silacast is a water based Alykyd product and built green for the environment. Non-Film Forming.

    1 gallon = approx. 125 sq.ft

    5 gal pail = approx. 625 sq.ft.

    All substrates vary with different porosity rates. Coverage rates during the summer season improve dramatically during cooler parts (mornings/evenings) of the day. Best to apply with temperatures between 50-90 degrees.

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