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    Stainless steel (304) sprayer with 25′ polyurethane coiled hose with brass swivel at trigger valve to decrease tangles. Stock nozzle is an adjustable pattern that can spray a stream and be widened to a cone shaped mist. A filter located in the trigger valve reduces tip clogging.

    This sprayer is 5 gal. but we suggest 3.5 gal. of our water based clear sealers be used at one time. You will need enough room or approx. 1.5 gal. of compressed air to charge the sprayer. A 100psi input air valve (same as bike or car tire valve) will charge your sprayer. An air relief valve will prevent over charging the sprayer.

    Use only water based materials. Using non-water based products can cause the tank to corrode and cause injury.

    Continuous or high volume spraying of concrete, masonry applications.

    The straight line spray is excellent for spraying around line angles such as windows, doors, etc.

    100 psi sprayer.

    Take lid off sprayer and fill approx. 50%-75% with Deco 20, 30, Silacast, StripaCast, Travacast or a water based product. Place lid back on sprayer and charge sprayer with air like you would a car tire. An air relief valve will prevent over filling. If you over fill it air will come out the relief valve.

    Clean up - just a quart or half gallon of water. Doesn't have to be soapy or warm. Best to use water from a hose or faucet. Charge sprayer and clean out sprayer hose until air comes out of sprayer.

    A vitron seal is located on the inside of the tank when taking the lid off. These high quality seals keep tightness for a superior spray. We find the seal needs to be replaced every 4-5 years. A filter screen is in the sprayer nozzle. Unscrew the nozzle tip and clean the filter occasionally. These filters prevent clogging especially with heavier liquids.

    Sprayer is not designed for paint, elastomeric products. The thickness or viscosity of water are the types of products that should be used for this sprayer. Anything thicker than water will be difficult to push through and/or gum up the filter.

    Varies on material being sprayed. This sprayer will increase coverage rates vs. a hand pump or garden sprayer.

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    York, PA

    Time Saver

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    We sprayed a paver job using both a back pack sprayer and this sprayer. It took us over an hour to spray one half of the job w/ the back pack. It took just under 20 minutes to finish the other half using this sprayer. Best sprayer I've ever used.

    If you spray often go w/ this sprayer.

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