• DECO 20 Clear Penetrating Concrete Sealer 5 gal. (Shipping Incl.) - D205
  • DECO 20 Clear Penetrating Concrete Sealer 5 gal. (Shipping Incl.) - D205
  • DECO 20 Clear Penetrating Concrete Sealer 5 gal. (Shipping Incl.) - D205
  • DECO 20 Clear Penetrating Concrete Sealer 5 gal. (Shipping Incl.) - D205
  • DECO 20 Clear Penetrating Concrete Sealer 5 gal. (Shipping Incl.) - D205
  • Deco 20
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    DECO 20 Clear Penetrating Sealer

    Our signature product created in 1991. Truly a one of a kind product designed for many applications. Deco 20 is ICC approved for interior and exterior foundation walls. An ICC approved product designed to protect against moisture intrusion and vapor barrier keeping walls dry from dampness. Approved as a dampproof product below grade replacing tar systems.

    Applications: Foundation Walls (concrete, block, precast), Above & Below Grade, concrete buildings, sidewalks, patios, crawl spaces, pools, any porous concrete vertical or horizontal surfaces.


    • ICC (International Code Council) tested & approved as equal to bituminous/tar materials
    • Green product - water based & non-hazardous
    • Only (1) one coat application after concrete surface is dry.
    • Many Applications: above/below grade - interior/exterior - walls/floors
    • Paintable, breathable, odorless, no sheen, dries clear
    • UV resistant
    • Sprayer - airless or garden sprayer, 100 psi of pressure or lower.
    • No mixing, ready to use

    Synonymous with quality, functionality and ease of use "Deco 20 Clear" prides itself on over 2 million applications and 26 years of proven experience.



    1. Block (parged & non-parged)
    2. Poured Concrete (must wait a min. of 1 full day for form oil to dissipate before applying)
    3. Precast


    Deco 20 can be applied to exterior foundation walls listed above. Deco 20 produces a highly effective breathable moisture barrier. Deco 20 is classified by ICC (International Code Council) as a dampproof product below grade.

    Applying dampproof materials is normally a cost issue. Dampproofing is less expensive than waterproofing materials - bottom line. Dampproof coatings or Tar is labor intensive because your mixing, brushing, troweling a membrane or tar on the wall. Coverage rates per gal. are less, takes longer to apply and messy. Deco 20 provides above/below grade wall protection. Many dampproof materials are below grade only.

    Deco 20 Clear is product ready. Simply pour material into any sprayer (airless or hand pump) and spray just one coat onto the wall. It will dry in 1-2 hours, it's easy to apply, odorless, UV resistant, etc. Our customers continue to tell us the ease of use and time saved is amazing and very impressive.


    1. Block
    2. Stone (Must be limestone based)
    3. Concrete


    If your interior walls are always damp or you get damp walls after heavy rains you can apply Deco 20. If you have water coming through your walls Deco 20 will not work. Call a basement specialist or excavator - your problem is on the exterior wall and we recommend no product on the market with water coming through your wall(s). If you have Drylok or any type of topical coating on the wall you must remove all existing coatings before applying Deco 20. The problem w/ a topical product is it sets on the surface. If the wall is continuously damp these surface coatings will eventually bubble, pop, or flake off. We also see quite a bit of efflorescence come through these topical coatings.

    If your wall is damp before trying to apply Deco 20 you need to get it as dry as possible. The drier the wall the more Deco 20 the wall will take in. Get air on the walls, open windows or get fans on the wall until dry or partially dry. Apply 1 heavy coat on wall but no run downs. Protect glass, metal, anything else other than concrete wall. Read Applicators Guide or bucket label for details.


    • Concrete: Driveways, Floor Slabs, Patios, Pool Areas, Sidewalks
    • Precast: Commercial Buildings, Parking Garages, Water tanks


    Deco 20 separates itself from most sealers because they don't have the durability and ICC approval for foundation walls. Our high rating by ICC allows Deco 20 to be used for non-foundation wall projects. You have the benefit of using an contractor grade sealer that will provide superior results.


    • Remove all dirt, dust, oils, efflorescence (white blotchy areas), foreign material which is to be sealed
    • Fill or repair any cracks, honeycomb, holes, etc. with Deco Tie Patch or concrete repair caulk/patch.
    • New Construction - Forms must be off wall 1 full day to allow surface to dry before applying Deco20
    • Pour Deco 20 into any sprayer and apply on surface with run downs showing wall is fully saturated. Apply no more than 100psi of pressure if using airless sprayer. 60-80psi pressure is best.
    • Drier the surface insures best results, 36-85 degrees otherwise cold or evaporation will affect coverage
    • Only 1 coat application
    • Perform test to insure desired results.
    • Use proper safety glasses when spraying. Do not spray on windy day or threat of rain day within 4 hrs
    • Dries in several hours dependent on temperature, humidity. Dries clear, no wet look. Do not get on glass, asphalt, etc.. Wipe off glass immediately with wet cloth to prevent etching or water hose down affected areas such as driveways that are at base of vertical wall being sprayed. Drop cloth helpful.

    DECO 20 Technical Information

    ICC (International Code Council) Classification:

    • Dampproof - ICC-ES Legacy Report # 93-04.01
    • Waterproof above grade

    DECO Clear Penetrating Concrete Sealer (DECO 20) is:

    • Low VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) Meets all States Spec's.
    • UV Resistant, Paintable, Breathable
    • Water Based w/ Silicate Solids


    • ASTM D 2939 - Resistance to water solubility. Flexibility no cracking.
    • ASTM D 466 - Resistance to water flow and action. Excellent adhesion. No reemulsification.
    • ASTM E 96 - Water vapor transmission. - 0.04 grains/sq.ft./hour Water vapor permeability. - 0.102 perms
    • ASTM C 836 - Film Thickness On Vertical Surface. SS-W-110 C - Water Repellency On Masonry Test 1.925% Average
    • ASTM C 672 - Freeze/Thaw - 20 Day Cycle

    REPORTS (PDF's) - View on "Reports/Videos Tab"

    Coverage Rate

    Block = 125-150 sq/ft/gal. [ 5 gal. bucket = 750sq/ft]

    Concrete = 175-200 sq.ft/gal [ 5 gal. = 1000 sq.ft]

    Precast = 200+ sq/ft. gal. [ 5 gal. = 1000+ sq.ft]

    Coverage rates are dependent on temperatures, porosity of surface, sprayer/equipment, etc. 

    Exterior Wall...New Foundation Poured Concrete

    Interior Block Wall...

    Overall Customer Rating of 7 Reviews:

    Impressive Deco 20 Results

    Mark, I am so impressed with the product. We applied it after digging down to the footers. We had to let that last block dry out while we sprayed the entire 1344 sq ft of block. It was like magic. That material was so easy to apply. Typically in the area where my home is that I am building, the heavy wet dew would make the walls so wet. The morning after we sprayed it, we went outside and nothing, absolutely nothing was wet. My brother in law is an electrical contractor. He never saw a product like this before and was extremely impressed. We could not stop talking about how water beads up and rolls right off of the treated block.

    I know I will be painting over the block probably in the fall but I was so glad to get this part of the foundation completed.

    Again, amazing product and so so so satisfied with the results.

    Thank you
    Catherine Saldutti.

    New Castle, PA

    Exceeded Expectations

    Austin & Mark,

    Yes you met and exceeded my expectations. I received it in one day and I appreciate your fast service.

    I just had the basement walls replaced and waterproofed. I wanted the same sealer that worked so well in stopping the leaks on the original walls. My concern was not so much for water intrusion since the waterproofing on the new walls is elastomeric versus the tar that the builder used in 2015. I also wanted a sealer that I can paint over for additional protection.

    The Deco 20 sealer applied quickly using the sprayer type that Mark recommended. I only applied one coat and used the entire can. I avoided the plastic pipes as instructed. The cleanup of the sprayer was easy. I had no problem with odor as advertised.

    I would rate the Deco 20 sealer a 5 and I would rate the customer service a 5.

    I did recommend your product to the engineers and the insurance adjustors that visited and also to the masonry contractor that replaced the walls. I was so impressed with the Deco 20 performance that I keep a photo of the can that was used by the original sealing contractor when he visited to stop the leaks caused by his tar waterproofing.

    Thanks for following up.


    Durham NC

    Rain Causing Interior Moisture

    We have a block building and two of our walls had moisture inside when it rains hard. We were told Deco 20 Clear was the best product. We contracted an outside firm to spray the exterior walls with this Deco 20. Since then we've not had any issues with moisture and it's rained hard several times. This is an excellent product that we will be including in our MRO plan for our other facilities. We appreciate your technical help and fine product.

    Moody, AL

    New Construction Walls

    I bought and applied the deco 20 to my new construction walls. I used (1) 5 gallon bucket and sprayed walls, the difference between the sprayed walls and retaining wall which is not sprayed is just like the video spraying the wall with water. The rain water beeds up and runs off. Very impressed with this product and will use it again. Zach Bryant

    Dayton, OH

    Concrete Driveway

    We sprayed Deco 20 on our driveway about 4 years ago and noticed this summer the concrete looked wet or darker. I was hoping this product would have lasted 6 or 7 years but I was informed by Mark their salesman that driveways take a beating with foot and car traffic. We ordered 2 more pails and after powerwashing and putting on Deco it's beading more and isn't showing wet look after it rains. Yes I am recommending this product.

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