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    Deco Seal is a 100% water based coating designed to protect foundation walls from hydrostatic water pressure. Designed for poured concrete walls, ICF walls, precast and block (parged/non-parged) walls.

    • ICC classified as a waterproof material for above and below grade applications.
    • Deco Seal can be applied 1 day after forms are removed or block mortar is dry. No waiting 7 or 28 days like other products bc Deco Seal is 100% waterbased no interference w/ curing process.
    • UV resistant, No grade line issues. Tar, solvent systems cannot be applied above grade.
    • Apply from Footer Joint upto the Sill Plate - Complete Wall Protection!!
    • Seemless - Liquid applied.(No cutting, taping seams, nail guns, screws into wall - labor intensive)
    • Colors available: LIGHT GRAY or BEIGE
    • Non-Hazardous, Paintable, Breathable and Permeable.
    • Meets all STATES building codes in USA.
    • Easy roll on with 3/4" or 1" nap roller or airless sprayer (2500+psi & 1-2 gal. per min. flow rate)
    • No need for 6 mil. poly, dimple boards or wraps over our product when dry. If grade is rocky, shale or sharp edged, heavy clay, etc. a 1/2" or 1" white/pink/blue foam board as a "Protection Board" (not part of the waterproofing system) can be placed over Deco Seal when dry.
    • Elasticity testing to bridge a crack up to 1/8"
    • Designed for DIY, professional applicators, poured wall/concrete contractors, masons, etc.

    Most waterproofing products are solvent based or water emulsified. That just means water is added to a solvent based polymer. It's still solvent based just labeled water based or emulsified. Not healthy.


    Call before ordering to determine best freight pricing. Freight changes daily and based on location.

    Deco SEAL Applications

    Foundation Walls:

    • CMU Block, Precast, Poured Concrete, ICF & Styrofoam Walls.
    • Parged Block * (also known as a mortar scratch coat over block)
    • Open or Exposed Walls and Tapered Grade Lines. Esthetic Looking!


    • Remove all dirt, dust, oils, foreign material which is to be coated.
    • Fill or repair any cracks, honeycomb, wall ties, holes, etc. with Deco Tie Patch or concrete repair caulk/patch.
    • New Construction - Surface must be dry to allow for proper adhesion. Can be applied on green concrete. The American Concrete institute (ACI) defines green concrete that has set but not appreciably hardened.
    • Use 2000+ PSI airless sprayer or 1 1/4" roller and apply on surface evenly at 30ml thickness. Best to apply two coats when roll on. Spray allows thicker rate.
    • Temperature of 32-95 degrees otherwise cold or evaporation will affect Deco Seal dry/curing and/or coverage rate
    • Do not apply with the threat of imminent rain. Perform test to insure desired results.
    • Dry cure rate is 12 hours. Dependent on temperature, airflow, humidity.

    * Specifications require Deco 20 Clear Sealer to be applied on parged block walls only. Allow Deco 20 to dry then apply Deco Seal. Deco 20 is a primer and increases adhesion.

    Deco SEAL Technical Information

    ICC (International Code Council) Classification:

    • An evaluated and approved waterproof material above and below grade

    Deco Seal Characteristics:

    • Water based acrylic resin, smooth, opaque, Gray viscous liquid
    • Odor of a latex waterborne system
    • Non-Hazardous, Non-Toxic, Non-Carinogenic/Cancerous
    • Prolonged contact may cause irritation
    • No solvents, UV resistant, Paintable, Breathable


    • ASTM C 1306, Hydrostatic pressure over cracks
    • ASTM C 836, Section 6.7 Low-temperature flexibility and crack bridging
    • ASTM C 836, Section 6.10 Adhesion strength
    • ASTM D 2939, Section 15 Resistance to water
    • ASTM C 836, Section 6.9 Remain in place during applic. (film thickness)
    • ASTM E 96, Water vapor permeance (transmission)
    • ASTM C 836, Section 6.12 Extensibility after heat aging

    Additional Testing Outside the Scope of AC 29

    • ASTM E 154, Section 13 Resistance to decay
    • ASTM D 2565-1999, Color fastness of surface coating
    • ASTM D 3273-94, Resistance to mold growth of surface coating

    Reports (PDF's):

    1. Data Sheet - General Overview
    2. Applicators Guide
    3. ICC Report
    4. MSDS Report

    Coverage Rate

    • Block Construction: 50-60 sq.ft/gal.
    • Parged (concrete scratch coat) over block: 50-60 sq.ft/gal.
    • Concrete: 60-70 sq.ft/gal.
    • ICF or Styrofoam Board: 70-80 sq.ft/gal.

    (Dependent on temperature, equipment used, surface porosity)


    Deco SEAL does not require a protection board. Tar related materials applied above grade require a protection board, taping of seams, cutting to length.


    • 5 gal. & 55 gal.

    New Foundation Wall - Poured Concrete

    Above Grade Block Wall

    Overall Customer Rating of 3 Reviews:
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    NEast, PA

    DIY Job

    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    My builder was going to put tar on the wall and I knew that wasn't happening. The concrete driver at Lehigh Cement recommended Deco Seal and after talking to Mark at Deco Sealers he recommended buying a drum based on my total sq. ft. Excellent product - it went on the wall nicely with a roller and I love the gray color on our exposed wall that has a tapered grade. We have told a few of our neighbors about this product because we are the only house in our development that has color on our concrete.

    Lancaster, PA


    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    We started spraying this waterproofing product and the Deco Dampproofing product about 3 years ago. I like the coverage rates, it lays on the wall nice and don't have to worry about gradeline issues - we spray to the top of the wall. We like the gray color the best. We also use the tie patch which is easy to use. We recommend this product.


    Foundation Walls

    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    Great product we love the consistency when applying on the walls. Our customers like the color options above grade.


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