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    Deco Dampproof - Earth Friendly Every Time

    DD55 our 55 gal. Deco Dampproof coating is a water based acrylic designed to protect foundation walls and other concrete applications from moisture penetration.

    • ICC classified as a dampproof material above and below grade
    • Tested by SGS U.S. Testing Co. Inc.
    • UV resistant, high quality product, no solvents or black stuff
    • Liquid applied by roller or airless sprayer – easy to apply
    • Seamless, no cutting, taping or nail guns as w/ sheet membrane products
    • 0% VOC's, paintable, dries gray, no odor
    • Easy to apply and meets all STATES building codes :)
    • No mixing or trowel on, product ready, easy cleanup
    • Easy to spray or roll on and an excellent alternative to tar which is limited to grade line issues unless a protection board is applied. You do not need a protection board with DD55.

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    Deco SEAL Applications

    Foundation Walls:

    • Parged & Non-Parged Block, Precast, Poured Concrete, ICF & Styrofoam Walls.


    • Remove all dirt, dust, oils, foreign material which is to be coated.
    • Fill or repair any cracks, honeycomb, wall ties, holes, etc. with Deco Tie Patch or concrete repair caulk/patch.
    • New Construction - Surface must be dry to allow for proper adhesion. Can be applied on green concrete. The American Concrete institute (ACI) defines green concrete that has set but not appreciably hardened.
    • Use 2000+ PSI airless sprayer such as Graco 7900 Airless Sprayer for best results.
    • Apply at 32-95 degrees otherwise cold or evaporation will affect curing dry time and coverage rate
    • Do not apply with the threat of imminent rain. Perform test to insure desired results.
    • Dry cure rate is 12 hours. Dependent on temperature, airflow, humidity.

    Deco Dampproof - Technical Information

    ICC (International Code Council) Classification:

    • An evaluated and approved dampproof material above and below grade

    Deco Seal Characteristics:

    • Water based acrylic resin, smooth, opaque, Gray viscous liquid
    • Odor of a latex waterborne system
    • Non-Hazardous, Non-Toxic, Non-Carinogenic/Cancerous
    • Prolonged contact may cause irritation
    • No Solvents, UV resistant therefore applicable below grade and above grade

    DECO 20 Dampproof meets or exceeds the following ASTMs:

    • ASTM D 2939, Resistance To Water. Rating Number 1- No-Softing - no loss of Adhesion, or reemulsification

    • ASTM D 2939, (Section 16) “Flexibility” Rating Number 1 - No cracks hairline or otherwise, no loss of Adhesion

    • ASTM D 6489, “Water Absorption”
ASTM C 836, Film Thickness On Vertical Surface.

    • ASTM D 2665, Color Fastness Of Surface Coating - UV Resistance

    • ASTM D 3273-9, Resistance to Mold Growth Of Surface Coating
ASTM D 1227 Type III Class 1 - Suitable for use as a protective coating for built-up roofs and other exposed surfaces with specified inclines

    Reports (PDF's):

    1. Data Sheet - General Overview
    2. ICC Report
    3. MSDS Report

    Coverage Rate - 100 sq.ft/gal

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