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    Deco TAC is a waterborne primer/adhesive designed for a strong bond between your foundation wall/metal and our Deco SEAL or Deco Dampproof Coating. 

    This is an excellent restoration material to provide superior adhesion. We always say if your going to tackle a project like this you only want to do it once. The majority of applications are block walls that have no tar or tar that is failing; therefore your basement is damp or wet.

    Deco TAC is a safe, odorless and non-hazardous material for professionals restoration companies and DIY. Easy roll-on application.

    Go to our "Applications" Tab to review the steps to renew your foundation wall. 

    1. Homes or buildings that have damp or wet basements, crawlspace areas, etc. Existing exterior block or poured foundation walls that need excavated and require a new foundation coating. Concrete, Masonry, Metal/Steel and Wood are surfaces difficult to clean 100% that TAC can be applied.
    2. Your foundation wall or surface needs to be clean and dry before applying TAC. Existing foundation walls need the dirt, tar, tar paper, existing foundation coatings, etc. removed by scraping off, power washing, grinding or other methods to remove an existing material without harming your concrete, mortar, etc. All cracks wider than a hairline crack need to be filled with hydraulic cement or our Deco Tie Patch. It doesn't hurt to take a leaf blower and remove all debris off wall including footer area. THe cleaner the better.
    3. Items needed for this project include: DECO TAC, DECO SEAL or DAMPPROOF COATING, several 3/4" or 1" nap rollers, paint pan/ liners and a brush.  
    4. Start by pouring Deco TAC into a paint pan. Roll one thin coat of TAC on your clean dry wall/surface. Also take your brush and apply TAC in the footer joint (where the base of your wall meets the footer) DECO TAC is milky white when applying it. In approx. 30-45 minutes the TAC will turn clear. When it turns clear it's time to apply your first coat of Deco SEAL or Dampproof over the TAC. IMPORTANT: You must apply TAC and first coat of SEAL or Dampproofing on the same day. You have 6-8 hours for peak adhesion performance of TAC. If you don't have enough daylight time do your project in steps/phases.
    5. When rolling your first coat of SEAL or DAMPPROOFING over TAC take a new roller and apply a thin to moderate coat with no run downs. If it's running down the wall your applying to heavy. Also take a new brush and apply SEAL or DAMP into the footer joint. 
    6. You can't spray TAC it will ruin any sprayer. You can spray Deco SEAL or DAMP but look at the sprayer specifications at the REPORTS/LIBRARY tab on our Homepage. A typical airless sprayer won't work because our materials are thicker than paint.
    7. After the first coat of Deco SEAL or DAMP is dry it's time to apply a second coat. Do a hand test on the wall. If you hand isn't tacky or wet your ready to go. Humidity, temps, moisture determine dry time. In most cases SEAL and DAMP cures in 8-12 hours.
    8. Take a new roller and brush and apply your second coat of SEAL or DAMP. After your second coat is completely dry you can backfill or if you want install a protection board over our dry second coat. Take some TAC and apply to board and adhere to wall. You don't need to tape the seems between the boards. The boards have nothing to do with waterproofing it's just protection before backfilling and keeping dirt/grade such as clay off our material.
    9. Make sure no imminent rain is in the forecast. 


    1. VOC Compliant, very low odor
    2. A proprietary blend of environmental safe acrylic resins
    3. Non Toxic, Non-Flammable, Water Based
    4. Water based

    Coverage Rate:

    • 1 gallon will cover approx. 200 sq.ft
    • Roller or brush apply
    • Requires only one application - not necessary to apply second coat
    • Tax will appear milky white during application and will in 30-45 minutes will turn transparent/clear when ready to use.


    • 1 gallon
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    Harrisburg, PA

    Basement Problems

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    We have an older home and water was coming inside our foundation wall. We dug it out, cleaned the outside wall, rolled Deco Tac on the block We rolled the Deco Seal over it and it was a pretty easy process. Saved alot of money. There was no smell and got some of it on my hands but it washed off easy. Never did this before but you guys gave me confidence to do it myself. Kind Regards!!!!

    Morrice, Michigan

    Repair Exterior Wall

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    The products have been really nice to work with, I especially like the water cleanup. It looks great. I hope it is tough and durable against the soil back fill. We have mostly sandy soil so I haven't decided yet if I will put up foam board to help protect it. Thanks again for your help.
    Allen F.

    (We posted Allen's project pictures on the TAC product page)

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