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    DECO 20 is just not another option it's the BETTER option

    • ICC classified as a dampproof material below grade & waterproof above grade
    • ICC Approved as an equal to or replacement of bituminous (tar) materials
    • No foundation wall grade line issues, only 1 coat saves material and labor costs.
    • 0% VOC's, paintable, highly effective breathable vapor barrier, dries clear no yellowing
    • Easiest product to apply that meets all STATES building codes :)
    • Spray on w/ garden, hand pump or airless sprayer. 100 psi of pressure or lower.
    • No mixing or trowel on, product ready, easy cleanup

    DECO 20 Applications

    Foundation Walls:

    • Exterior Walls, Poured Concrete or CMU Block during New Construction
    • Interior Walls, Poured Concrete or CMU Block for Crawl Spaces, Damp Basement Walls or Floor


    • Concrete Driveways, Floor Slabs, Patios, Pool Areas, Sidewalks
    • Precast - Commercial Buildings, Parking Garages or Decorative Products


    • Remove all dirt, dust, oils, efflorescence (white blotchy areas), foreign material which is to be sealed
    • Fill or repair any cracks, honeycomb, holes, etc. with Deco Tie Patch or concrete repair caulk/patch.
    • New Construction - Forms must be off wall 1 full day to allow surface to dry before applying Deco20
    • Pour Deco 20 into any sprayer and apply on surface with slight run downs fully saturating the wall.
    • Drier the surface insures best results, 38-95 degrees otherwise cold or evaporation will affect coverage
    • Only 1 coat, trying to apply a second coat after approx. 15 min. product will repel off concrete.
    • Perform test to insure desired results. Non-Slippery, Non-Flammable, Non-Caustic, No Sheen
    • Use proper safety glasses when spraying. Do not spray on windy day or threat of rain day within 4 hrs
    • Dries in several hours dependent on temperature, humidity. Dries clear, no wet look. Do not get on glass. Wipe off glass immediately with wet cloth to prevent etching.

    DECO 20 Technical Information

    ICC (International Code Council) Classification:

    • Dampproof below grade
    • Waterproof above grade

    DECO Clear Penetrating Concrete Sealer (DECO 20) is:

    • 0% VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) Meets all States Spec's.
    • UV Resistant, Paintable, Breathable
    • Water Based w/ Silicate Solids
    • No Solvents, Non-Hazardous


    • ASTM D 2939 - Resistance to water solubility. Flexibility no cracking.
    • ASTM D 466 - Resistance to water flow and action. Excellent adhesion. No reemulsification.
    • ASTM E 96 - Water vapor transmission. - 0.04 grains/sq.ft./hour Water vapor permeability. - 0.102 perms
    • ASTM C 836 - Film Thickness On Vertical Surface. SS-W-110 C - Water Repellency On Masonry Test 1.925% Average
    • ASTM C 672 - Freeze/Thaw - 20 Day Cycle


    1. Data Sheet - General Overview
    2. Applicators Guide
    3. ICC Report
    4. MSDS Report

    Coverage Rate Comparisons on Foundation Walls

    Deco 20 - 5 gal. pail = 800-1000 sq.ft 

    *CMU Block walls - 150 sq.ft/gal, Poured Walls, Sidewalks - 200 sq.ft/gal., Precast - 225-250 sq.ft/gal.


    • 1 gal. (Distributors Only)
    • 5 gal. & 55 gal.

    Exterior Wall...New Foundation Poured Concrete

    Interior Block Wall...

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