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    Deco 30 Brick and Stucco Sealer is designed for colored porous masonry applications. Formulated to protect moisture and wind driven rains from entering your mortar joints and masonry.

    Deco 30 is a penetrating sealer that goes beneath the surface. Unlike other sealers such as silicones or other topical products that sit on the surface and can be attacked by the suns UV or wind driven rains washing it off. Deco 30 last longer because our silicate solids are beneath the surface and can't be washed off or attack by UV.

    It's an easy one coat application. If you try to spray a second coat in 15-20 min. it will just bead off your masonry. This product dries clear with no sheen. If you want a darker and wet look view our SILACAST PRODUCT.

    A must have product on your residential or commercial property to STOP WIND DRIVEN RAINS SUCH AS HURRICANES, TROPICAL STORMS OR FRONTAL SYSTEMS.

    A safe, built green clear penetrating sealer that is water based. It's a breathable product that has a permeability rating to allow water vapor to emit but not water molecules. It will stop mortar from cracking or getting worse during the freeze/thaw cycles which cracks become larger. Solids are silicate based.


    • Brick (chimney, homes, retaining walls, etc.)
    • Colored Split Face Block (buildings, retaining walls)
    • Pavers, walkways
    • Stone (man made or veneer's or man made)
    • Stucco

    Any sprayer is preferred. Smaller projects are fine with a hand pump or garden/weed sprayer. Large homes or commercial applications are best for airless sprayers. 60-100 psi of pressure is recommended for an airless sprayer.

    Apply one coat of Deco 30 on the surface. Apply a moderate to heavy coat with slight run downs. Only 1 coat is required. Always best to spray a small test area before full application. Do not spray with temperatures above 80 degrees. The cooler the better as the brick and other substrates are cooler and allow more product penetration. Do not apply below 38 degrees.

    Do not get on asphalt (roof/driveway) as it will turn it white. Use drop cloths. Do not get on glass it will etch the glass if goes on glass and dries. Wipe off immediately with wet cloth. Best to have a card board cut out as a window template or placed in front of window/door near application. Can also tape plastic to window if desired.

    Dries in 1-3 hours depending on temps, humidity. Always apply when surface is dry and clean. Do not apply with the threat of imminent rain coming. If walls are still damp or wet from previous rain or heavy humidity wait until walls or surface of walls are dry. Product dries clear with no sheen.

    Designed for porous masonry. If there is glaze or surfaces that are not porous such as marble or other stone it will not penetrating beneath the surface. Always perform a test to ensure desired results before full application.

    Brick - 125-175 sq.ft/gal

    Split Face Block - 100-150 sq.ft/gal

    Pavers - 175-200 sq/ft/gal.

    Stone - 175-200 sq.ft/gal

    Stucco - 125-150 sq.ft/gal

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    Good Product

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    We had dampness inside our garage wall...just in the one corner. Sprayed one coat of this Deco 30 on the exterior stone. Works great no problems since late Oct.


    Chimney Problems

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    I had moisture coming in my chimney during heavy rains. This product shipped quick and was easy to use with my weed sprayer. I did patch a couple mortar cracks first before using D30. They said if cracks are hairline cracks don't patch but mine were larger so used a hydraulic cement first. No more water issues. Thank You!

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