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    A single component or 1 part acrylic sealer designed for non-porous surfaces. This includes stamped concrete, marble, stone, certain travertines, flagstones, or other non-porous surfaces. This sealer is a topical or film forming product designed to adhere to the surface of non-porous surfaces. Travacast has excellent adhesion to concrete and tile surfaces. Easy spray on application that can be back rolled or fiber mopped to ensure seamless shine.

    Travacast helps reduce discoloration, surface damage and stains. It has a low to mid gloss look. Dries in 2-4 hours, water based, non-hazardous, non-toxic and non-flammable. 

    Coverage Rate: approx. 225-250 sq.ft per gal.

    Why Travacast vs. Competitiors?

    Most of our competitors offer a 2 part topical sealer. This means you have to mix a Part A & Part B together. Getting the mix ratios can be tricky but most importantly they are Time Sensitive. They need to be applied in 2 hours or less otherwise the viscosity changes and cannot be used. Many topical sealers are Solvent based. The smell is horrible, headaches often occur and are not eco-friendly. Travacast is water based, no odor and very eco-friendly. 

    Prep & Seal:

    Pressure wash surface and let dry for min. 2-3 days. All moisture must escape before applying Travacast to prevent trapping of moisture which displays a cloudy white look. You can use any type of sprayer or nap roller. One moderate coat is required. You can use a roller or fiber mop after application to prevent puddling or excess in joints. Do not apply with the threat of imminent rain 4-6 hours before application. 

    If your using Travacast for the first time or uncertain about a certain surface type - always perform a small test with Travacast in a non-visible area to ensure desired results. 

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