• Deco Seal Waterproof Membrane 5 gal. (Shipping Incl) - DS5
  • Deco Seal Waterproof Membrane 5 gal. (Shipping Incl) - DS5
  • Deco Seal Waterproof Membrane 5 gal. (Shipping Incl) - DS5
  • Deco Seal Waterproof Membrane 5 gal. (Shipping Incl) - DS5
  • Deco Seal Waterproof Membrane 5 gal. (Shipping Incl) - DS5
  • Deco Seal Waterproof Membrane 5 gal. (Shipping Incl) - DS5
  • Deco Seal Waterproof Membrane 5 gal. (Shipping Incl) - DS5
  • Deco Seal Waterproof Membrane 5 gal. (Shipping Incl) - DS5
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    Deco SEAL is Bone Dry

    Deco Seal Waterproofing Membrane is a water based acrylic coating designed to protect foundation walls from hydrostatic water pressure.

    • ICC classified as a waterproof material above and below grade
    • UV resistant, high quality product,
    • Colors available: LIGHT GRAY or TAN
    • Liquid applied by roller or sprayer [no cutting, taping seams, nail guns for peel n' stick products], smooth evenly applied coat
    • LOW VOC's, paintable, highly effective breathable water barrier
    • Easy to apply and meets all STATES building codes
    • Airless sprayer or Roll on
    • No mixing or trowel on, product ready, easy cleanup

    Deco SEAL Applications

    Foundation Walls:

    • CMU Block, Precast, Poured Concrete, ICF & Styrofoam Walls.
    • Parged Block * (also known as a mortar scratch coat over CMU block)
    • Open or Exposed Walls and Tapered Grade Lines. Esthetic Looking!


    • Remove all dirt, dust, oils, foreign material which is to be coated.
    • Fill or repair any cracks, honeycomb, wall ties, holes, etc. with Deco Tie Patch or concrete repair caulk/patch.
    • New Construction - Surface must be dry to allow for proper adhesion. Can be applied on green concrete. The American Concrete institute (ACI) defines green concrete that has set but not appreciably hardened.
    • Use 2000+ PSI airless sprayer w/ flow rate of 1-2 gallons per minute. Apply first coat w/ no run downs and if you can apply second coat at starting point and second coat holds w/ no run downs apply. Otherwise let first coat set until second coat can be applied.
    • Roll On - Use 3/4" or 1" nap roller and apply on surface evenly but do not product run down or your applying to heavy. Apply one coat let dry then apply second coat.
    • Protection Boards - Optional if grade is heavy clay, rocky/shale we recommend a pink/blue board. Apply liquid nails on board and place against the wall over Deco Seal.
    • Temperature of 32-95 degrees otherwise cold or evaporation will affect Deco Seal dry/curing and/or coverage rate
    • Do not apply with the threat of imminent rain. Perform test to insure desired results.
    • Dry cure rate is 12 hours. Dependent on temperature, airflow, humidity. Do not backfill grade until Deco Seal is dry.

    * Specifications require Deco 20 Clear Sealer to be applied first on non-parged block walls only. Allow Deco 20 to dry then apply Deco Seal. Deco 20 is a primer and increases adhesion.

    Deco SEAL Technical Information

    ICC (International Code Council) Classification:

    • An evaluated and approved waterproof material above and below grade

    Deco Seal Characteristics:

    • Water based acrylic resin, smooth, opaque, Gray viscous liquid
    • Odor of a latex waterborne system
    • Non-Hazardous, Non-Toxic, Non-Carinogenic/Cancerous
    • Prolonged contact may cause irritation
    • No solvents, UV resistant, Paintable, Breathable


    • ASTM C 1306, Hydrostatic pressure over cracks
    • ASTM C 836, Section 6.7 Low-temperature flexibility and crack bridging
    • ASTM C 836, Section 6.10 Adhesion strength
    • ASTM D 2939, Section 15 Resistance to water
    • ASTM C 836, Section 6.9 Remain in place during applic. (film thickness)
    • ASTM E 96, Water vapor permeance (transmission)
    • ASTM C 836, Section 6.12 Extensibility after heat aging

    Additional Testing Outside the Scope of AC 29

    • ASTM E 154, Section 13 Resistance to decay
    • ASTM D 2565-1999, Color fastness of surface coating
    • ASTM D 3273-94, Resistance to mold growth of surface coating

    Reports (PDF's):

    1. Data Sheet - General Overview
    2. Applicators Guide
    3. ICC Report
    4. MSDS Report

    Coverage Rate

    • Block Construction: 50-60 sq.ft/gal.
    • Parged (concrete scratch coat) over block: 50-60 sq.ft/gal.
    • Concrete: 60-70 sq.ft/gal.
    • ICF or Styrofoam Board: 70-80 sq.ft/gal.
    • 5 GAL PAIL = 300 - 325 sq.ft coverage (incl. 2 thin coats)

    (Dependent on temperature, equipment used, surface porosity)


    Deco SEAL does not require a protection board. Tar related materials applied above grade require a protection board, taping of seams, cutting to length.

    Packaging & Colors

    • 5 gal. & 55 gal.
    • Light Gray & TAN

    Poured Concrete Walls - Deco Seal Spray Application

    Block Walls - Parged & Non-Parged, Roll On Application

    Overall Customer Rating of 6 Reviews:
    Peoria, IL

    Deco Seal

    We bought an older home this spring and unfortunately I am seeing water on my downstairs interior wall. The previous owner put some kind of white paint on the wall probably Drylok but it's peeling off. I did some internet work and called several companies. I have to say dealing with Mark was very informative. He must have spend 45 minutes on my first call to him. I ended up doing most of this project myself. I hired an excavator to take the dirt away from the outside wall. I scraped the dirt of the block, cleaned it with wet rags then applied two different Deco coatings. The first was TAC which rolled on easily then it turned clear and sticky. I rolled on two coats of Seal the gray color. It was easy to apply their product. I really like that I could paint their product over the block that was exposed. Looks so so much nicer. I had a friend help me install a new drain system. It's been almost two months now and my inside wall is dry. This product saved me alot of money doing it myself. The one basement co. wanted over $9000...what a joke. Thanks again Mark!!

    PA, DE & MD

    Deco Seal 25+yrs

    We are a foundation wall coatings applicator - We have been using Deco Seal since the early 90's. What we like best about this product is 2 fold. Seal provides waterproof protection and also can be sprayed from the top of the foundation to the footer in a uniform pattern to cover up the imperfections on the wall to make it aesthetically appealing. Unfortunately we have to spray what the builders tell us but if we are allowed to recommend or quote a product we prefer Seal. Compared to black materials Seal is our favorite product to apply and it's the highest quality material in our view for residential and small/mid-size commercial projects.

    Bethlehem, PA

    Deco Seal Tan

    Dear Mark,

    I just wanted to write and say thank you for your time you spent on the phone with me a couple weeks ago. I ended up going to a local stocking distributor to pick up some Deco Tie Patch, Deco Tac, and Deco Sealer (tan).

    Over the long weekend I dug a trench about 20 feet long around the corner of my foundation (cinder block) where I was having water issues.

    The product was very easy to use and straight forward. Because I was working in tight quarters (my trench was no more than shoulder width since I dug it out by hand) it was nice to be using product with low odor etc…

    After applying two coats we put 1.5 inch foam insulation board down to protect the sealant from the clay soil we have in our yard. Everything looks great and the tan color looks much better on the part of the foundation that is above grade!

    I do have some of the tan deco sealant left. I was curious if I can apply this on the inside of our basement walls?

    Again thank you for your time and help and also for the outstanding customer service and enjoy the rest of your day.

    Needs directions on the container.


    Great Product

    We are a poured walled contractor and have always used Tar and tried some other products but I can tell you nothing compares to the Deco Seal. We spray our own foundation walls and this gray seal membrane lays on the wall really nice. The thickness is just right for even consistency. Our residential customers like the gray color and it is so nice that we don't have to come back on any grade line issues if the black tar starts showing above grade.

    We've been using this product for almost 3 years now and have sprayed several dozen homes. We've not had one service issue so I can highly recommend this product.

    Hostetler Concrete


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