Why do I have a Damp Basement?

Typical Situations - Homeowners with block foundation walls can anticipate moisture because they are porous and foundations incur some movement throughout the years thus causing mortar joints to crack. In addition, homes older than 25 years may have had no exterior foundation coatings applied or below grade only protection and back then tar was the only real choice and safe to bet the black stuff has deteriorated. Outside of wall coating protection we listen to homeowners that having sloping yards known as grade lines tilting towards your property instead of away from your property. Down spouts are another big reason for damp basements. Leaking or clogged spouts causes additional water to drop along the foundation.  Cracked or clogged drain systems can create hydrostatic water pressure along the foundation or the floor slab. Besides walls or flooring other areas needing checked are windows, doors, piping, wood or steel joints.  Feeling any cold or moist air entering these areas can cause dampness.

Homeowner First Steps - We see homeowners run to the large home improvement stores and buy white waterproofing paint or call in a basement repair company. Our experience with home owners on white paint is this - If white paint isn't stopping the moisture it's because the moisture is excessive and resulting in popping, flaking or bubbling the paint. Paint sits on the surface and doesn't penetrate effectively into the wall. You may also see something called efflorescence which are ugly stains. These stains are caused by moisture traveling through your wall carrying limestone minerals from the block to your interior walls and left alone long enough can make these stains difficult to remove. True professional basement contractors will not upsell you on complete basement systems and will simply provide a solution on stopping your moisture wall problem. We suggest what your doing now by researching and gathering as much information as you can because this is something you don't want to do twice or let the problem persist or you will have more moisture problems such as water problems or black mold. Mold loves water and moisture.

Best Practices on Damp Basements - First and most likely your problem is on the exterior wall. High excavating costs from $500 to $3000 is the biggest problem to clear the exterior foundation wall. In other cases you can't get an excavator because of property line issues, etc. The good news if you identify your wall problem early enough you can prevent bigger issues. We humans no matter what the problem is try to find a solution that isn't expensive, easy and safe to use, and preferably do it yourself to save costs. Again do your homework and research sealers including our Deco 20 Penetrating Sealer. Our videos and technical data sheets explain the benefits and ease of use. Deco 20 Clear requires only 1 coat and can't pop or flake off. It's breathable, paintable and an ICC approved vapor barrier. This is what we do - help people like you have a dry basement that can be applied yourself and to know it's a high quality product that's safe and easy to apply with any type of sprayer. All the best to you and hopefully you can start using your basement the way you always dreamed.

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