• Concrete and masonry sealers for interior, exterior, vertical and horizontal applications. 
  • All contractor grade water based products, eco-friendly and safe to apply.
  • Industry's include: new construction, renovation, power washing, DIY.
  • Ready to apply. No mixing or adding water. Spray or Roll on. Easy cleanup.

We provide 1, 5, 55 and 275 gal. packaging. Deco 20 is for concrete, Deco 30 colored porous masonry, Silacast for pavers, Salt Shield is a silane/siloxane concrete sealer, Stripacast removes previous coatings/sealers like acrylics.

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DECO Salt Shield Sealer 1 gal. (Shipping Incl.) Waterproofing concrete, spalling, concrete dusting, decreased permeability, reduces mildew growth, sidewalk damage, penetrating sealer
Price: $65.00
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Item #: SS303-01 -

Deco Salt Shield - Save your concrete! A non-toxic safe clear sealer that's non-slippery.Dries clear, non-film forming, penetrating sealer.Protects against salts and deicing entering beneath surface causing rebar and spalling damage.Easy two coat spray on. A wet on wet application. Apply one coat then apply a second coat in 10 minutes.  Apply SALT SHIELD in the spring/summer to prevent cracking and spalling! ...

Deco 20 Clear Penetrating Concrete Sealer - 55 gal. Dampproofing, Waterproofing, Foundation Coating, Clear Sealer, Concrete Sealer, Crawl Space, Frost Line, Damp Basements, Moisture Barrier, Vapor Barrier, Efflorescence
Price: $1,375.00
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Item #: D2055 -

D2055 is Deco 20 packaged in our 55 gal. drum. A clear, colorless, odorless water based sealer designed for protecting concrete. DECO 20 is BONE DRY! ICC classified as a dampproof material below grade & waterproof above gradeICC Approved as an equal to or replacement of bituminous (tar) materialsNo foundation wall grade line issues, only 1 coat saves material and labor costs.0% VOC's, paintable, highly effective breathable vapor barrier, dries clear no yellowingEasiest product to apply that...

Deco 30 Masonry Sealer 55 gal. Stucco Sealers, clear sealer, deco sealers, environmental, waterproofing, brick sealer, masonry sealer
Price: $1,265.00
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Item #: D3055 -

Deco 30 Brick and Stucco Sealer is designed for colored porous masonry applications. Formulated to protect moisture and wind driven rains from entering your mortar joints and masonry. Deco 30 is a penetrating sealer that goes beneath the surface. Unlike other sealers such as silicones or other topical products that sit on the surface and can be attacked by the suns UV or wind driven rains washing it off. Deco 30 last longer because our silicate solids are beneath the surface and can't be...

Stainless Steel Airless Sprayer 5gal. (shipping incl.)
Price: $349.00
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Item #: Spray-05 -

Stainless steel (304) sprayer with 25′ polyurethane coiled hose with brass swivel at trigger valve to decrease tangles. Stock nozzle is an adjustable pattern that can spray a stream and be widened to a cone shaped mist. A filter located in the trigger valve reduces tip clogging. This sprayer is 5 gal. but we suggest 3.5 gal. of our water based clear sealers be used at one time. You will need enough room or approx. 1.5 gal. of compressed air to charge the sprayer. A 100psi input air valve (same...

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